July 25, 2010

Sunday Quote

My name is Sluggery-wuggery
My name is Worms-for-tea
My name is Swallow-the-table-leg
My name is Drink-the-Sea.

My name is I-eat-saucepans
My name is I-like-snails
My name is Grand-piano-George
My name is I-ride-whales.

My name is Jump-the-chimney
My name is Bite-my-knee
My name is Jiggery-pokery
And Riddle-me-ree, and ME.

by Pauline Clarke


alison said...

Hi Susan,

Just stopping by to say hello - I'm treating myself to a few moments of computer time, which are very few and far between lately (my mom is staying with us for awhile). I hope you are enjoying summer in your neck of the woods!

Nan said...

What a delight!! Great use of words. I found the poet:


So nice to see Alison!!

Susan said...

Alison! Nice to see you out and about - I hope you haven't given up on your blog entirely - perhaps after the summer?
The poem is fun - I am not entirely sure that is the poet as I thought she was British, but whether she is or not, the woman on your link has such a come have tea with me kind of face, doesn't she?

Nan said...

You know, I thought she must be British because of 'tea' and 'snails' and 'jiggery-pokery' but this woman was the only picture I could come up with. I searched a bit more and found a PC who wrote books but not poems. The poem is anthologized in both a UK and US book.

utbtkids said...

This is what Wikipedia came up with.


I found the poem in a book with collection of poems.

I am not entirely sure if the poem is by the American Pauline Clarke or by the British writer.


Stephanie said...

That was fun! Thanks Susan! Love the pics!