July 14, 2010

one of these days...

I will learn how to do something on blogger that will allow me to post as many photos as I want on one entry...until then, here they are bit by bit....when we were in the city, passing Christie's, and saw the horse in the window and went over to investigate - well, I had no idea mere mortals could just stroll in to Christie's much less take photos (hey, I asked, guards said okay), and look around. The auction was tonight but I was out at the Best of Westchester Party so I put in a bid on some cool rings Dale Evans owned. An absentee bid. I felt like Donald Trump. Bidding at Christie's, little ole me. Imagine that? Not a chance I will win but it really is more the experience and thrill of playing in the same fields as the gentleman my son overheard remarking to the other that he was going to start the car bid at about two million. Well, yeah.

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