July 29, 2010

Eat Pray Loved This.

I was not on the Eat, Pray, Love bandwagon - glanced at the beginning at the book and heard the Oprah buzz and was, frankly, put off by the rich girl goes on trek to find herself hype...but I may be picking up that book again and looking at it in a more open, give it a chance way since stumbling across this talk by the author Elizabeth Gilbert - which is not just a wonderful and witty and intelligent and thoughtful and inspiring look at creativity - but also something I needed to hear at this specific time of old things rising and new things approaching and all the in between.


Nan said...

I'm amazed to read this, Susan. I had never heard of the book a while back (actually it must have been years) and one day I heard the author on Canadian radio. I thought she sounded so interesting and just plain nice, so I picked up the book, and put it down again. I couldn't stand it. All about me, me, me. And exactly what you said -'rich girl...' I guess I can't get past stuff like that when there are so many troubles in the world. But clearly I am in a big, big minority here.

Susan said...

I may still hate the book if I pick it up again (never did make it past the first chapter on my first go round) but I was deeply moved by her talk about the creative life (link on my blog, this entry)and, if nothing else, respect her as an artist and writer. Which is, of course, a lot.

Yogini Cowgirl said...

I went into it wanting to hate the book, but ultimately, she learned some pretty great things, and let me go on the journey even though there's no way I could actually take a year off and go on this kind of decadent adventure. So I let go of my envy and now I'm hating the idea of the movie with Julia Roberts ...for the same reasons I hated the idea of the book ...I don't think I want to see Julia go on this journey. But I'll likely go see it and end up loving it ... ah me ... so predictable.