July 20, 2010

The good old days of good old phones

The sky was exceptionally pretty - see the husband take a shot with his new bff. I have been taking many photos of him taking photos with his Droid to amuse myself. People with these new phones - apple or droids or whatever cannot seem to just tell you they are on the phone. They have to say they are on their droid. Or their i-phone. (I think it's called i-phone). I personally miss the days of phones with cool shapes and a dial that was real and a receiver you could tuck under your neck so you could do stuff with your hands like wash the dishes. A phone attached to the wall so you didn't have phones tethering you to the mundane world and no answering machines cause if you weren't home you were out and just call back later, alright? Sigh. I miss the quiet of stores and restaurants and libraries and the park where people did not have their phones constantly ringing and were not talking talking talking all the time on their phones. I miss manners - where people were not calling you and then you hear the background flush of the toilet, I mean, really. Really? Really! I miss that a phone call was a special thing. I miss that people didn't call each other just to list the contents of the grocery store's dairy aisle because they don't know how to put together a list. And I miss payphones. They are disappearing from the landscape. I miss the one's with the cool glass doors like in the movie The Birds because it turned making a simple phone call into something that felt cool and mysterious even if you were just calling home to tell your Mom you missed the train.
But enough gripes, this fountain was really pretty as were the patio views the other night. There is still a lot of pretty out there even with all the endless ringing and yakking.

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