July 14, 2010

Last of Roy Rogers round-up

My mother used to tell me the story of how she tried to get me interested in sunglasses. She and my sister looked very Audrey Hepburn glam wearing theirs and my mother wanted me to wear them as well...my reply to her, around age ten or eleven, was no thanks, I want to squint like Roy Rogers.
I got a huge kick out of seeing all these treasures from the now closed Roy Rogers and Dale Evans museum, meeting Dusty their son, showing my little boy all the cool stuff - he dug it all, especially the car - who wouldn't, and for some reason a wall of badges (not seen here)and to my surprise, the dining room table with cowboy motif china really rocked his world. Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed this small blast from the past.

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Nan said...

Tom just told me about the closing. Funny how quickly we forget. Maybe years from now it will be reopened.