January 28, 2009

Jane Austin and the Zombies...

Jane, we hardly know you...at least not like this. My son emailed this to me and I nearly fell out of the chair...depending on your sensibilities, it's either brilliant or the most awful thing ever. I am, of course, emailing it to everyone I know as well as trying to think up variations - To the Lighthouse (Woolf) becomes Run to the Lighthouse to Escape the Zombie hordes...Far from the Maddening (Zombie) Crowd, The House of Mirth becomes the House of ...well you know. Any suggestions?


Dulce Domum said...

Tess of the Zombievilles (that would work, I think).

Lady Chatterley's Zombie (would have a niche market).

Tender is the Zombie (change ending to general zombie bloodbath).

maryanne said...

Paradise Lost to the Zombies?

One Day In The Life Of Ivan the Zombie?

Alice In Zombieland?(and Zombies Smashing Through The Looking Glass)