January 30, 2009

Great news and horribly sad news in one day

The great news is that Neil Gaiman's book, The Graveyard Book, won the Newbery. I loved this book, my 22 year old daughter just loved this book, and I imagine scores of teens and adults and a few preteens will love this book. Great to see such a terrific book and author honored.
On an entirely separate note, the horribly sad news is that two librarians from the Perrot Memorial Library in Greenwich, CT were killed in a hit and run accident Wednesday morning on their way home from the Denver ALA conference. An enormous loss to the library community and a loss beyond words, I am sure, to those who loved them.


Nan said...

Isn't that just awful. Unbelievably sad.

Everydaywoman said...

I also heard this unbelievable sad news and thought of all the children, adults, and families, that these two book lovers have surely touched and how missed they will be!

Anonymous said...

The Graveyard Book is one of the best books I have ever read! It's so amazing with the illustrations and the way every thing is described. I'm sorry about the librarians. That really is quite sad.

Anonymous said...

I heard about the librarians. It's just numbing.

Anonymous said...

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