January 9, 2009

Fun with depravity

At least in its wordplay form! No fan dances and la de dah here, at least not in this post although I am wearing my polar bear design pajamas :)
Fun book - Depraved English by Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea - has me learning the meanings of things I don't want to be: fustilugs (an unwieldy and slovenly woman) or a quakebuttock (a trembling coward) or experience: scaphism (the practice of covering a victim in honey and strapping him to a hollow tree exposed to stinging insects...yikes) or words such as spraints which means otter feces, "An odd but memorable word. The challenge, of course, is to somehow work it into everyday conversation without sounding strained. Good luck." Obviously the amusing style of the writers makes this a fun, if at times, appalling read.
There are a surprising number of words for scatological fans and the perhaps not unsurprising number of words for sexy beastie sort of things
You will excuse me now as I need to go write an email to my husband using select favorites of my new vocabulary - it's not that I'm a spoffokins, it's just that I feel a fit of early vernalagnia coming on (and don't be a witling, for pity's sake!). Giggle.


Anonymous said...

Your missive aggravated my matutolagnia.

Manic Insanity said...

I love that picture! More snow is coming!

Anonymous said...

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