February 8, 2008

Poetry Friday

They are Calling
They are calling Nan come at once
But I do answer. It is not that I
don't hear I am very sharp of ear
But I am not Nan Go and wash. But I
don't go yet their voices are quite clear
I am humming but I hear But I am not
Nan I am poet They are calling Nan come
to dinner! And stop I stop humming I
seem to hear clearer now that dinner's
nearer Well just for now I am now and I say

-Yvonne Ventura
(from unlabeled yellowed newspaper clipping, late '70's, saved in an old notebook.)

1 comment:

Nancy Millstrom said...

My name is Nan and I have that same old newspaper clipping of this poem by Yvonne Ventura.

Thanks for posting!