February 5, 2008

Let Art Fun be your umbrella

An overcast sky for much of the day here in my northeastern corner of the world - although I was fairly sunny. If your morning schedule includes leading a pack of two year olds around a library with instruments and a dinosaur puppet in a rowdy stomp as you shout out the lyrics to the rockin' Laurie Berkner's "We are the dinosaurs, stomping, stomping, we are the dinosaurs, whaddaya think of that?", the rest of your day is guaranteed to be pretty decent. Karmic payback for making two year olds happy.

http://www.janetbolton.com/ Janet Bolton's work always makes me happy as well. http://www.lmstudio.com/cruger.htm I want the mermaid, bad. Real bad. But his other stuff - pretty swell, too.
http://www.squidfire.com/ Why does putting a squid on something just make it better?

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