February 28, 2008

...and then the great wave came...

Cool t.v. show the husband and I were into - mysterious sea creatures off the coast of North Carolina, he thinks it was called "Surface" but I don't think so...at any rate, it was cancelled to our dismay just after a giant tidal wave hit Wilmington, NC and stranded the lady scientist and her buddies in a high building - that you see here. The town was awash in sea monsters. What happened we will never know since the rat finks cancelled the show at that critical moment...but we drove up the hill on our vacation and saw this, the exact shot where they were running before tidal wave hit, and geeks that we are, we were THRILLED. Yeah, it doesn't take much.

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Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds like a genius! The name of the show was Surface, and it shifted back and forth between Monterey,CA and Wilmington,NC. You can still watch it occasionally on the Sci-Fi channel.

I love your picture.