February 16, 2008

cake tips, paper folding, and bendy girls

Tomorrow is cake day. Oven not being delivered for several days more. So - tip of the day - you can buy uniced, ready for your creative magic sheetcakes at the grocery store (Stop & Shop at least) for about seven bucks. Semi-frozen which is the way to go according to the bakery gal -makes it easy to ice. And I assume, cut up. I bought six. I need a lot of cake when the muse gets going (no, not to eat, silly! To shape into stuff.)
Speaking of shaping the mundane into the magical - I was following a crafting link on the blog ElizabethGenco.com which led me to this excellent piece: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/886805/diy_mini_8_page_pocket_zine/ which I intend to try tomorrow after assembling the cake (and hopefully not struck down with whatever horror illness the 8 year old has, poor kid. He missed a birthday party, too.). Of course, in the time honored tradition of online distraction - I then clicked on bendy girl: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/929551/oksana_bendy_girl/
Now that you feel the need to go boneless - click on ergocises (under list of interests) and stretch it all out...

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Kristen said...

thanks for stopping by the plum tree portfolio to say hello! i look forward to reading through your blog. the title of your space here is so nice. :)