February 11, 2008

Grace, SCBWI, Heaven

You can find so much in what a person says when they talk about their lives. What they are saying and what they omit, how they say it, whether you believe them or not. Listening to Hector Black tell his story on StoryCorps is an act of receiving grace, of feeling a touch of God in a fellow human. http://www.storycorps.net/listen/

Attended the Saturday session of the SCBWI conference in NYC. My first conference of this type, was amazed at the number of people there and that so many of them had come great distances. The speakers were great - Nikki Grimes, David Wiesner, Carolyn Mackler - I took all Wiesner's books off the shelf today to look at with the new perspective from his talk on how he went about creating them, then displayed them so others can share in his astonishing art.

A long cold Monday with many crying babies, crabby toddlers, cranky adults, and an overheard interaction between father and young son that made me want to hold an intervention - sometimes the public library is just too painfully full of the public. But nearly closing time and in pops a regular, a girl about ten who scoops up armfuls of books each time, and as she headed to the stairs, I heard her remark to her father "the library is heaven". Yes, sometime it is, even if just for a moment like that.

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