November 24, 2011

Interview with my lovely daughter

An interview with my daughter who is a natural with animals, they really love her. She is also a dog groomer and had some interesting stuff to say with Pet Edge. You can read her interview, part one and two, and see a photo of our funny little dog, Tucker, right here.


Cait O'Connor said...

Tucker is very well groomed indeed!

Nan said...

Thank you, Susan, for posting the link to her interview. I found it fascinating. She's really good. I'm very interested in this subject because now, more than even a few years ago, there are pit bulls mixed in with other breeds. And people can tell me until kingdom come that they are sweet and trustworthy and just fine dogs, but I will never believe it. Also, more dogs are rescue dogs now, and the same sort of reasoning applies. People have done wonderful things with those dogs, but it seems to me that the propensity to violence is always a factor in a dog who has been hurt in its life. Dogs are deep, deep creatures, and I sure believe in your daughter's use of human psychology with dogs. Also what is relatively new is more people complete their families with dogs than used to. Many have a dog instead of kids, and so those dogs are treated more like people. We've always been like that with our dogs. The world has just caught up. :<) Thanks for posting this. You have a wonderful girl! (And New Rochelle! Isn't that where Rob and Laura Petrie lived?!)

Susan said...

Thank you, both! I am so proud of her, and I have always been astounded at the gift she has with animals. Nan, one of our neighbors has a rescue pit bull mix that was originally so lovely and is now inconsistent - I have actually become a bit afraid to go to their home anymore because she has changed so much with age. I wonder if she is now haunted by old ghosts, the abuse she had as a puppy before being rescued. Dogs are amazing, I totally agree! And yes, Rob and Laura did live here! I was raised in Larchmont, the town next door, and we used to get such a kick watching that show with the New Ro references. I never thought I would end up moving back to this area after years elsewhere.