November 22, 2011

Image mystery

not this - these are swans a number of years ago by red bridge, a local spot. Mystery is why blogger won't allow me to load the previous umpteen photos I attempted to load. Anyone else having trouble with blogger?


Nan said...

Are you using the regular or the 'new updated?' I tried and gave up on the latter. I like those swans though.

Cait O'Connor said...

No but if I have any blogging problem I Google it and Blogger Help usually helps. I was having a problem with formatting earlier and it came up trumps. Good luck.

Susan said...

Thanks. Cait. I'll look into that. Nan, I tried fooling around with "new" blogger on my other blog, Library Mermaid, and it really wrecked it - and I can't get it back the way it was. Upsetting. Am sticking to the old format for this blog as long as they keep it.