November 9, 2011

Holiday Gift Cornucopia of Ideas!

Where I unselfishly share great links for gift ideas (and because I have filled up my favorites section which is making saving research for my second mystery a wee bit difficult so I need to clear out some of these great links). Start with a unique idea - at Spoonflower you can print out your own fabric - how about making a child a pillow or a naptime quilt featuring their own artwork? Mermaid on your list? She'll appreciate a print from Kolene Spicher (I own two of her prints, love them). Anything from Garnet Hill. Anything. I first encountered their products in an airport - from amazing notespads to clothes and everything inbetween. I am crazy about their office stuff.
So far no mail order that I know of so - please, please, Cush's Homegrown - I need you to ship your amazing salsa around! And if anyone is up Noank way, get some for me at the general store. Lunar Phase calendars? Meshuga mints? Book plates?
Love the hot and cold donkey to comfort the little ones at Jake & Ella (I want the triangle crayons), gorgeous fabrics for the quilter at Anna Maria. You need deep pockets for some of these tiles but wouldn't it be worth it?
Tea lovers? Get them a tea strainer from here and add to a package of cupcakes from Smith Island Bakery. No need to hunt for those reading glasses if they're around your neck. The datebook I got the most compliments on ever was one from Susan Wallace Barnes (love the stickers that come with the datebook and calendars, too). I really love the idea of a life sized cut-out - what a hoot to give someone for the holidays!
Might be old news but the power of affirming things surely puts a positive spin in your mind - and these little cards from Hay House that I first saw at the BEA convention in NYC are really fun. I already suggested the wild blueberry jam from here to a coworker and she loved it! We picked up a jar in North Carolina in the spring and were so happy we could order more from Blue Ridge jams once we were up north and realized how delish they are. I'll end with round one of gift suggestions as the youngest needs homework help...and last one - these amazing toys from Natural Kids - who would not love these felt dolls? Good shopping...

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