November 2, 2011

Dia de los Muertos

Para el habitante de Nueva York, Paris o Londres, la muerte es la palabra
que jamás se pronuncia porque quema los labios. El mexicano, en cambio,
la frecuenta, la burla, la acaricia, duerme con ella, la festeja; es uno de
sus juguetes favoritos y su amor más permanente.

To the resident of New York, Paris or London, the word Death is never
pronounced because it burns the lips. Mexicans on the other hand,
frequent it, caress it, they sleep with it, they celebrate it; it is one of their
favorite games and their most permanent love.

- Octavio Paz

Once again neighbors and patrons of our library have put on a most amazing Dia de los Muertos display. I look forward to seeing their creations each year and they never fail to come up with magic. I especially like the skeleton dog looking at the photo of his former self and, of course, the skeleton butterfly.


Nan said...

These are great pictures. A friend of my daughter has begun making pinatas, and she has a great one for this occasion:

Scroll down a bit to see it, and on the way you'll see Margaret's Piglet - the real Pug and the piñata.

Susan said...

That pinata would make a great Halloween party pinata as well (or my goth hippie daughter would consider it year round :)
Cute piglet puglet - I can imagine him stalking the colored leaves in the first frost up by you.

Nan said...

He's a she. and though she doesn't walk up the hill alone, we do occasionally hear her barking. One day when Tom crossed the animals, Piglet was way down the road looking and barking. Heart of a lion, or at least a Newfoundland, that girl. How we all love her.
And Margaret did have the skeletal pinata for their Halloween party. :<)