August 12, 2011

Summer rolling on

Start of staycation and the shoulder blows out, never good when the start of your leisure time counts down with an x-ray and a doctor saying "what did you do to your shoulder?". I think that's not so uncommon though, lots of empathetic stories of getting deathly ill as soon the weekend rolls around, the vacay starts etc. Our stoic natures must let down anticipating relaxation and wham...bye bye immune system. However, the question still begs - What did I do to my shoulder? No clue.
A few summer images, for some reason it still doesn't feel like summer even with the trips to beach, swim in a Vermont lake, various New England and NY explores and jaunts, open screens, beach reads, long walks, iced tea - all sounds like summer to me but still...must be something not translated yet, some step down into green I am not yet in step with...working on it, however, got a few more weeks to get my summer on.


WOL said...

Sorry about your shoulder. I can empathize. My left "wing" had to have surgery for torn rotator cuff. Hope yours heals without having to have a "surgical intervention."

Susan said...

Ow - that sounds painful. Still have to see a specialist but for now, they don't think rotator as I have decent range of motion even with pain.