August 28, 2011

After Irene

We fared pretty well - we usually ALWAYS flood a bit and get blackouts but this time only some mini blackouts and no flooding. Amazing. The wind was impressive and up until about a half hour ago, the gusts of wind were still bringing down small branches and giving cause for worry. Other areas didn't fare so well, driving around earlier with my daughter - downed trees, a live wire and broken electrical pole, flooded streets, a lot of caution tape closing off streets, lots of folks without power. Came home feeling pretty lucky. Some people are saying it was overly hyped but I think we might have seen a great many more injuries and deaths and sad stories if everyone hadn't acted on the side of caution. Hope everyone else came through okay.


Nan said...

I don't say overhyped necessarily but I do think the weather channel people are a little nuts. They seem overly thrilled by it all. I stopped watching. Up here it wasn't anything out of the ordinary at our house. Rainy, a little windy, that's it. There are some roads closed but not too close to where we are. And the next state over had lots of damage.
What are those little bubblings in the third picture?

Susan said...

Manhole covers - not the great big rounds in city streets but smaller ones here...was very weird seeing the water coming out of them as it meant the water beneath in the sewers was full up...I agree that the weather people go nuts and seem very excited by all of it but I think if you are a meteorologist, a hurricane must be like Christmas morning.