August 24, 2011

Mystic Poetry box

Poetry box installation up in Mystic, Ct outside a seaside gallery. Not sure if it is part of the gallery or part of the pebbled path with a gray water and boats view especially as a second poetry box was rather battered with its Pablo Neruda poem missing (and doors and sides). I think I might have picked a more sea-inclined poem but poetry speaks to all of us differently, so I bow to the artist's choice. Especially since I love her poetry box creation. Inside the box, besides the poem, is a notebook and pencil where I scribbled a sea haiku of sorts, just love the whole idea - would love to see it everywhere - Can you imagine being in the middle of the woods and there is a poem box? Inside, what would you find? Poems written by bears and bees and owls and the tiniest of mice leaving poems in the tracks of their delicate feet.

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