July 2, 2011

Two poems up for your perusal (with a new link) and Piratey stuff

Just out with the first of July, two poems in Danse Macabre, a wonderfully ecletic dance of international writing. Scroll down to the poetry page (one hot poetry...)My poems are Ghosts at Night and Fractured. by Susan Moorhead.

For those who wandered and could not find - here is a more direct link.
Press this right here (having been helping my daughter talk Pirate talk all morning for a Pirates on the Hudson event she is in, it is very hard to not say this without saying Aaarghh, ya landlubbers. :)


Cait O'Connor said...

I couldn't find the poems. it might be me!

Cait O'Connor said...

I am glad I found them in the end. I loved them both.

Susan said...

Thanks, Cait!

nan said...

Susan - what excellent poems, both. I read, and re-read Fractured. Wow - terrific write. Congratulations on the publications.