July 20, 2011

The Last Harry

We saw the last Harry Potter in Vermont at a wonderful funky theatre with old velvet seats and a very come as you are, barefoot kids, popcorn with real butter, we trust that you paid come on in, people in witchy hats costumed fun vibe. My husband slipped out for a soda and came back and asked if there was an underwear-wearing character in HP. Bewildered, I shrugged off his goofy question as the movie was underway...he whispers there are people in the lobby in underwear, boxers and bustiers, and I am all - it's free to be you and me Vermont, whatever, hush and watch the movie...tears for the end of what has been a very satisfying part of our lives (I heart Harry Potter). We go out to the lobby after to see in the other theatre there has been a burlesque show by a group heading off soon to Scotland's Fringe...all bustiers and witch's hats in the lobby, good fun, and good to know the husband is not (too) crazy :)

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