July 29, 2011

Off Kilter Friday Vaguely Literary Round-up

Off-kilter, can't be helped. Just family/life events, sad, funerals and family and one ends up in that pensive out of sorts, off-kilter mood. So here is an assortment of things bookmarked of possible interest to share: On keeping a logbook in addition to or instead of a diary, thoughts on..., like series? This is most popular at the library, a way to track series reading called Fictfact. A link to Maria Shriver interviewing the s'wonderful poet, Mary Oliver. Link heaven - the burryman writer's center. The ever fabulous Rumpus suggests a poet's new book that I cannot wait to order. Interview with author Elin Hilderbrand - I just read her book,
Silver Girl, as everone at the library has been reading it and recommending..., and here is a link to a literary site that has republished a short story, Rose, from Dylan Landis' great short story collection, wonderful bit from Scotland - poem found left by an older woman, lovely sentiment and food for thought..., old news about the horror of Twain rewrites, and because I feel sad today, reposting a song I love.


nan said...

Sorry, Susan. Let the blue surround you, imbibe you, and comfort you.

Susan said...

Thank you, Nan.