October 21, 2010

to never catching up

The house is not the clean and organized house I would hope for, the bills I meant to get to remain in the basket, library books to return, winter clothes waiting to be hauled out, summer clothes taking up space, where are my shoes/glasses/that book/that receipt/the thingy I need/the to do list/my phone/my purse? Kids here and there, dog young and ridiculous, dog completely dotty, ancient and underfoot. Things I meant to do, send, write, achieve, move into the house of the neverdone. And as I am winding up the little tickytock talk of shoulda coulda in my head, I pause and think how lucky I am to have such absurdly full days, so rich and bursting with activities and people and things to do and places to get to that I will never catch up. How wonderful to never catch up.
Photos of dreamy homescapes, not my jumble house but the Anthropologie in Westport, on our last weekend jaunt; my youngest gazing out the door yearning to be free...just one minute more, one sec, just going to look at one more thing, I promise!

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rachel said...

What a delightfully sensible approach to the reality of housekeeping! I'll remember this the next time I look at my house with a sigh, when it's escaped from me yet again.....