October 26, 2010

Eye spy some cool stuff

A very cool storefront/doctor's office in Ridgefield, Ct - who wouldn't want to go to someone with such a groovy vibe? Tonight, a nice ushering in of autumn despite the too-warm weather - listening to Neil Gaiman read from his fantastic The Graveyard Book, chapter one this evening, lovely, you really get pulled in. Quite in line with that, some mythical stamps that I wish we had around here to grace our envelopes - paying the bills would be a good deal more enticing. You don't need to speak the language to enjoy this writing artist's site, and as with last year, I have been enjoying the wonderful holiday FREE offerings from the insanely talented Toymaker - children in the library adore her printed pumpkin face sheets where you can cut out the eyes and mouth and make your own spooky window art to hang. Hope you're starting to feel halloweeny :)

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