October 8, 2010

Bewitched kitty cats

Beyond charmed at the grocery store when I came across this plant. As I have tried to explain to my youngest child, it is a plant of bewitched children who were turned into cats but the spell went awry and they accidentally became plants. Cat plants. The child just rolled his eyes, 11 years of my nonsense and he is as jaded as his sibs. According to the little marker in the dirt, this is actually something called a decorative millet plant. The ones online are called ornamental millets, same deal, but the decorative spikes do not curl in the enticing way this one does. To the touch, it has the unnerving firmness and feel of a true cat's tail...which just proves my original theory of bewitched children. At least the skeleton hanging around on the hose concurs.


Jennifer Holden said...

That is charming. The 'tails' look just like my Kitty's! >^._.^<

Susan Moorhead said...

They inspired a poem - google To Complete the Spell and my name and it should come up. At Danse Macabre.