August 28, 2010

Spiritual round-up, well, mostly

I say mostly as this first link is not necessarily spiritual, an essay on caregiving from The Atlantic, but it ties in, I think.
The Cloud of Unknowing, a book I have always meant to read (such a great title) but have not yet gotten around to...or the fact this site is the ethereal library.
I was surprised but not displeased to find an old essay of mine on beliefnet, a site I have turned to in the past for interesting stuff - and now here's the Pennies from Heaven essay.
Another beliefnet link I think I have posted before - a beautiful online rendering of the 23rd Psalm, like a shortcut to God on tough days. And here, another from my saved favorites and turns out to be another beliefnet link - an interview with Rosanne Cash I thought interesting.
And lastly, mainly because dinner is being served in the next room, a link to a blog that has closed recently, one that held some interesting thoughts - and as I went through my "spiritual blogs" saved in my favorites - blogs ranging from Catholic to Muslim - I noticed that most of them were no longer running. All of them voiced some well why bother or it's too hard or I give up sort of farewell theme, and a number said the comments had gotten too difficult for them to handle. I find this sad and a bit alarming. I love the multitude of voices and opinions, views and insights, rants and thoughtful offerings found on the web. I don't care if I agree with them. I like to dip in, see what someone else sees through their eyes, from their experience. Do we have to all be on the same page to enjoy the story?

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dylan said...

lovely and generous essay. how nice to find it reprinted, online.