August 17, 2010

Feels like fall is just around the corner

Hot and humid but something in the air and sky, you can feel that fall is on the edges saying my turn soon. Or maybe my thoughts just turn to crafts and tea and books and the way I really like the good-at-home feel of autumn. I wonder if it's an age thing or just genetic melancholy.
Love this pirate artplay mini-quilt - think I will have to locate that book also mentioned on this link somewhere....worth the browse, I am sure.
Time for some round-ups soon but it's far too late at night. Have to leave it at this additional link for crafts fun. Now if I would actually make some of them instead of just thinking what a keen idea. But of course there is still something soothing and appealing about just looking at crafts. Like reading cookbooks when you really don't cook.

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