August 23, 2010

Nessie and Edwin Morgan

Several photos of the mysterious Loch Ness - in one, do you see that wee ripple? Could be a wave or a sturgeon or the flash of light on water, could be Nessie. In honor of Edwin Morgan, the Scottish Poet Laureate or as they say the Scots Makar, here is a link of him reading his poem, The Loch Ness Monster's Song. Do click on the audio portion, it's great fun. Here's another obit with a lovely photo of him younger. I love that he loved Wuthering Heights (Heathcliff!), those moors and fire and hate and love. Yup, the stuff of poets. Peace to you. Mar sin leibh.


Gypsea Tree said...

I visited Loch Ness several years ago and was entirely convinced that I would see Nessie before I left. Sadly I did not... sigh. I did visit the castle there at night and it was a magical experience that I love to look back on dreamily. Such a beautiful place!

Susan said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful - we just stayed there for the afternoon, part of a tour thing, and it was too brief - the castle at night must have been amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'll always love the idea that Nessie is a bogart or some other trickster fairy. It would explain why she randomly shows herself and nobody can search for her.