June 29, 2010

Summer sounds of children

A stay at home day, recovering from some strange debilitating summer flu, feel weak and tired in an "I've got the vapors" sort of way...but the windows are open and the sounds of my child and the neighborhood children drift into the window, summer sounds, laughter and jokes, the kind of easy talk that comes with wandering around in damp bathing suits and barefeet, and it is the sweetest sounds, the summer sounds of children.


mollygolver said...

Susan - ther's such a lot of this summer flu going about her as well. Hope you're feeling better soon.

nan said...

Feel better soon. I loved the photo. It said summer! And I could hear the happy sounds of children too!

Susan said...

Thanks, think I am on the upward swing - can't be sick in summer - it's only 8 weeks long!