April 7, 2009

An upcoming jaunt and some blogtripping

Love gray water, a New England sky; my birthday present to myself this week is a jaunt to the Cape where it always seems the ocean has been waiting just for me.
Some blog visits - Stephanie's post made me cry, she's astonishing to me in her bravery and grace. Nan has another great book review up - and she has a thing going where she will not buy a book this year (ah, but then there is the library!), Over here, there's poetry in the prose and dragons alongside the wonderful ginger cats. A little reminder - my poems still up at Anderbo, do take a gander... (Susan Moorhead, if you please), Alison has turned gardening tools into art, and Joan is doing new math over at Charleston Daily Photo which always makes me want to hop on a plane and roam the flower-scented streets of that beautiful city. Would love to add more, however, the young man informs me the eggs have cooled and it's time to dye them...when next I post, I'll be older but hopefully, sea-charmed and salt-cured. Cheers.


Diana said...

Enjoy your trip! It's finally warming up here in New England :-)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm totally jealous. I wish I was in the Cape right now. Perfect time to go. Anytime is the perfect time to go.
Have a fantastic time, whatever that means to you. I wish I could see Ptown bay. Enjoy! Stick your feet in the water, cold as it will be. I'm so glad you are going! What a wonderful idea!

Robyn said...

Your words touch me. Loved the poem Undertow.