April 4, 2009

Batgirl was a librarian

and having just watched Hancock, a somewhat erratic movie, my husband agreed with me that I would make a great superhero. Fine sense of morality and citizenship, would enjoy kicking a little bad guy butt - providing I could lecture them first ("do we really want to act this way, holding up the bank, do we?"). Ah, if it were a career option. I'd like the flying and not aging or getting hurt part, I assume it comes without arthritic knees and neck, and I think I could rock the outfit. Don't know if I'd go for Batgirl though, think Superwoman would be more fun (got to avoid that nasty kryptonite). So - what Superhero would you be?


Bill's Breakfast & Bait said...

Superwoman? It's Supergirl, with a tight top and a little blue dress. http://www.superherostuff.com/OtherItems/Images/supergirl_wallpaper.html
You're my Supergirl, hotstuff, yum yum!

Susan said...

Who is this masked man?

Stephanie said...

That is totally easy! I would be Storm from the X-Men. She is my all time favorite. I would LOVE to be her. She controls the elements. She calls them to her as needed! She is well respected on the team and she is often a leader on missions. When Prof. Xavier is away, he leaves Storm in control. In the last movie when Xavier died, she took over the school for mutants. She has silver hair! She rocks!

Anonymous said...

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