April 24, 2009

More Amazing House

The views from the windows of the Provincetown Public Library are a coastal dream - cobbled together rooftops and sweeping views of the sea...and the view inside the library pretty amazing as well. But out one window we saw an arch and the yard and house of some mysterious person unafraid to express themselves. For all the huge statues, my favorite were the hidden critters in the rock wall...


joan said...

Wow! That is a treasure trove.

Stephanie said...

Jealous! Jealous! Jealous!
I'm so happy you and yours were able to go to PTown et al, and I'm thrilled you were able to have a massage! You needed one sweetheart! Not that kid, husband kind but a REAL professional job. Sounds erotic doesn't it? Your pictures slam me back there and I have a lovely smile on my face because of it. I know you have been to the used bookstore on Commercial street, Tim's ? Enjoy this beautiful day! Thanks for the link to soulemama!

Susan said...

No! Did not get to Tim's - did not know of Tim's until just now - and of course, now will have to go back :)

leslie said...

Thanks so much, Susan for your comment on Leslie's Blogger about the Clementine drawing.
I thought I would say thanks over here, and found a delightful blog as a reward!
What a fine Library, and the house next door is Magic! Thanks for taking pictures, and sharing them.

Anonymous said...

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