October 20, 2008

We've been Ghosted!

What started and nearly ended as a very drag Monday at work, add to it the little one's cello lesson doublebooked and cancelled after we rushed dinner and showed up, totally bummed all the way around. And then...doorbell rings and ... no one is there! Dogs going beserk. We peek out peephole. Lantern broken, all dark, hmmm. Brave husband opens door and -we've been ghosted! A plastic mug of candy and a pass-it-on hand-out plus a ghost to mark that we got ghosted! We get to play, too? This is great fun. Can't wait to ghost some houses tomorrow night after we pick up some candy. Look out! We may be ringing your bell!


Saretta said...

Is this a new Halloween tradition? Never heard of it!

Thanks for visiting my blog last week. I haven't been keeping that blog up (lack of time!) and so only saw your comment today. Thanks for dropping by!

alison said...

Hi Susan,
We were just boo-d too the other night! I wonder if it's the same poem - ours started with "a friendly ghost has come your way to wish for you a wonderful day."
I thought it was just something someone started around here - I think it's neat that it's happening elsewhere as well.