October 8, 2008

Our version of cozy, I guess

Been cruising the other blogs and admiring all the lovely autumnal scenes of rocking chairs and knitting, autumn walks and colored leaves, apple pies and ... well yes. All of the deep sigh, it's autumn, warm loveliness.
And while we do have tea and afghans, we are without a rocker and the ability to knit (despite a class where I was a horrible failure at it and vaguely scarred for life), and we are without, to my great and ongoing dismay, a fireplace, however, we do have a rat named Caden who is loving that popcorn, snug as a ... well, I guess snug as a rat tucked up my daughter's sleeve.
So that's pretty cozy. I guess.
(I would prefer a fireplace, however).
As long as Caden stays in sleeve, I'm okay. I like my rodents in fictional picturebooks and at a safe distance.


Jessica said...

Hey! It's Caden Connor Mr. Hardcore to every one out there! I must admit, I think he is by far the cutest thing (Moky ties) on your blog! RATS FOREVER!!!

em said...

Caden is so cute!

Welcome to my place, I have a fireplace - and a cat so I suggest you leave Caden at home.

Susan said...

Your place sounds lovely :)