October 25, 2008

Blast from the past mini-concert

Last night, some mention of an old Billie Gentry song and I had to look it up...as is the way of the computer, one thing led to another...my sister had his album and while I never liked him that much, I have always liked him doing this song (James Taylor has a new cover of it). Then there is this Petula Clark number that as a child made me yearn to be grown up enough to go "downtown". I could not believe I found this, remember it coming over the radio in our years ago kitchen. I remember singing this song before I was old enough to understand what I was singing about, her voice is so fab but those jumpsuits..., but I have to include the song that seemed wickedly sexy once upon a time. Oh, radio in the kitchen, Cousin Brucie and all the hits. I remember thinking this song was what "old people" must feel like. I also remember hearing about the guerilla fighting in Vietnam and asking my Mom how they trained gorillas to fight in the war, so color me naive back then. This eclectic selection was great fun to rediscover and post here. Hope you found an old fave.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's BOBBIE Gentry! Of course I knew all the songs AND had lately tortured the kids in a closed space (read:car) with DOWNTOWN at top lungs. Talkin' bout ma generation....J

Susan said...

Yes, but did you car dance? Ya gotta car dance.