October 12, 2008


Just about to leave for work (on a glorious Sunday afternoon, so sad) and my son runs over with great excitement , wild turkeys in the yard. And there they were - I think they are so beautiful, I truly do. When they wearied of us following after them, even though we were clearly enamoured, they FLEW up into A TREE. We were amazed. My husband, son, and I did not know they could fly up into trees, did you? And then they flew down into the back woods which no one but skunks, deer, bad little dogs, and apparently turkeys can access. Just so cool. I drove to work far less grumpy than when I had started.


Susie Vereker said...

How interesting. I didn't even know there were still wild turkeys, and I certainly didn't know any turkey could fly.
Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way. Glad you liked the photos.
Will read some of your poems in my next coffee break.

Nan said...

I was so, so pleased to read you think they are beautiful because I do, too. I love those wild turkeys, and as I write this there are a few right out under the bird feeders chowing down on this lovely autumn day. When I look at them I feel like I'm seeing something from dinosaur days. They're just amazing. When they bend over just right, their backs remind me of armadillos.