July 22, 2008

Tech query...

Okay, experimenting: I want to insert a link to a Feist youtube (mainly because her videos are fun and in this case, the sort of thing I think about doing on moveable walkways and escalators...although I think I would look somewhat demented and a tad alarming so I will leave it up to the young, skinny, and far more agile....)


poodles. It did not work. Dearest blog readers, what am I doing wrong? How does one say something like "here" and then you click on it and up comes the link?
Although this color thing is fun.


Nan said...

Here goes. I hope I can explain. :<)
1. go to create post
2. be sure you are in compose mode. if you are, then the edit html will be clickable. on my computer it is in purple.
3. [this is separate from the create box - you will have to copy the address]
4. write the word or words you want to show up, for instance Feist. Highlight it.
5. look up on the create box bar - you will see font, capital Ts, a small bold b, an italic i, a capital T with a block of colors, and then a green blobby thing with black at the top. That is what you want. It is the link button.
6. click on that link button and a screen will come up. there is a bar that will have http in it. just delete that, and paste in that address from step 3 on my list, and click ok.

That should do it. I've been going back and forth between two browsers to go through the steps. :<)

Susan said...

You are the best, Nan. Thanks!