July 4, 2008

Old obsessions still haunt...

Ah, bliss. Sure, there is the joy of great literature (just reading Mary Oliver's amazing poem, Spring, the other day knocked me out once again...
but in my world there are many surprising bedfellows coexisting... and this makes me happy - the fact that I can find my tween obsession - Gull Cottage - online:
and that I can hunt down The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (the tv version, of course!) and find that someone has taken the time to create a Barbie Theatre version of the show - now that is just sublime: http://www.angelfire.com/art/dollmemories/gmm/gmm_promo1.html
Of course, the fact that I am checking this all out after midnight instead of writing or, gee, I don't know, sleeping, says something about my level of creative productivity and priorities, I suppose, but - it's THE GHOST and MRS. MUIR and GULL COTTAGE. What could rock more?

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