July 9, 2008

neighborhood creatures

This tree struck me as so odd the other night during a dusk to dark stroll - and of course, the husband and youngest son inform me it is long known to them ( I had walked past it a million times and never really noticed it before) as The Squid Tree. It does look very deep sea spooky especially hi-lighted by the flash.
The other creature mystery is solved - a few bits back I mentioned Mungo the Mysterious Monster - some large dog-like creature supposedly roaming about... well, what do I see (no longer alive, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on one's view) on the side of the Parkway when I was shortcutting from one part of town to my neck of the woods - this ENORMOUS coyote. I mean truly huge. ( I was near a large white wolf at a tribute to Jean Craighead George - and Mungo was about the same size only broader). So it did exist - and probably a dog/coyote hybred as one of my neighbors suggested. Big enough to merit the Mysterious Monster tag, especially if you are two wee dogs like my two who would have made a proper snack for it. I am sure more coyotes abound, the dogs still don't want to step off the terrace at night.
However I am grateful not to have bears in the backyard, that would do me in to encounter one hanging around the trash can (just read of such an event in a several months old "O" magazine...) Anyone out there have to deal with bears? Moose? Bobcats? Loose roaming dogs like at our elderly Aunt's farm? Just curious.

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