July 11, 2008

Farewell duckies, I knew you well

When my youngest son was ready to move into his own room (he slept in ours well into his toddler years but used his room for play), these were the curtains I had there - to match the blue rug and yellow and white walls. I had gone to Country Curtains to hunt down some cute curtains, was about to leave empty handed, and noted the cloth shower curtain collection...and voila! Great duck curtains which were a big hit - plus they make a cool sound when the metal pins slide across the curtain rods.
He is a very non-demanding kid, pretty sunny most of the time, but even he was weary of his "baby" curtains. So now his brother's hand-me-down "these are cool, Mom!" curtains (action figures on material I sewed for the brother a decade or so ago) have now been placed in the 9 year old's room. I did add holes on top so we can still use cool pins and get neat sliding sound. But I am going to miss those happy little ducks.

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