May 2, 2008

little alters and impending carnage

Everywhere are little gatherings of things, groupings of things meaningful, things that might look random but are not. I am sure everyone does this. Feels very Mrs. Dalloway on some level.
Meanwhile... Mr. Grimshaw ate most of the baby guppies. I liked the baby guppies. Now we have more guppies. I liked these guppies more than him. I don't think I am a fan of this whole circle of life thing. I was thinking Mr. Grimshaw should eat boca burgers and leave my new guppie pals alone. There is a small element of playing God when having pets, deciding who lives, who is food, who is alpha, and so on, that I really don't care for. Then my husband informed me that the big guppies ate the remaining baby guppies. I thought they were all guppie pals and was quite disappointed to realize this is not the case. Clearly, I would not do well on a farm or in a situation that demanded I provide my own food beyond a shopping cart and my debit card.

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Nan - said...

Boy, I'm with you! We had fish a long time back, and put in a cute little water frog. We walked in the door one day and there he was eating the last of the fish. :<( And then they would die off, or some fish would eat another. I couldn't have one of those 'pets' that eat mealy worms or rodents or whatever either. Buying suet is my limit. :<( And our 'farm' is really a kind of cradle to grave sorta place. The animals come and they live till they die, with annual vet care. They do fine work keeping the fields from turning into woods, which can happen like overnight around here, and we repay them with lotsa hay and pasture in the summers. A good deal all around with no distressing occurrences as you mentioned.