May 18, 2008

How high to the sky?

Sometime ago in the spirit of procrastination meets curiosity, we decided to see how tall the rhododendron might get if left unpruned.
This tall.
A bit absurd, but the reward is a mountain of purple flowers when they all bloom plus great privacy from our neighbors.
Next year - the roof?


Anonymous said...

You always have such beautiful photos...thanks for sharing!

russ (r.a. nelson)

Susan said...

Thanks! I should update the rhodo photo when they are actually in bloom.

Nan - said...

What a great plant! It looks terrific. I think we are a bit too cold here, so I admire them in other yards. I recently read that they are a problem in Ireland - that they are really taking over in some places.

Susan said...

Hi Nan,
I came home from work and the husband (who had not read the blog) said he was thinking of pruning the rhododendren - I said "noooooooooooo!". A friend of mine is planting several as a hedge - I never thought about them as hedge plants.