October 26, 2013

Muscoot Farm

the closest I get to farming is visiting this one, a gem about a half hour from my house, Muscoot Farm. We drove up hoping to wander the trails and hit up the Farmer's Market. The trails were unfortunately closed due to hay rides - should have realized with the season - but the Farmer's Market was in full swing, got some fabulous olives and artichoke hearts in some briny wonderfulness. The place was teeming with children but I found some hidden corners away from the children (I love kids but I work with them all week and sometimes one really needs some quiet time!). The farmhouse is really quite an elegant affair and often has gallery showings - this time a very lovely ceremics show. Was tempted but already have too many things that require shelf space and table top time - and not enough space of either sort to count. this cow looked serene, smartly avoiding the crowds of excited toddlers. Ah, inner peace, cow. Teach us all. Love the working farm feeling (laugh at me, real farmers, but there seems to be such poetry in these working spaces). And of course, tis the season. Halloween decor everywhere.


GretchenJoanna said...

Your pictures are great - I adore the black-eyed Susans!

Susan Moorhead said...