October 30, 2013

Artists in the Archives

Art and Poetry and Writing and Photography and all of it wrapped up in the perfect bow of being in a card format - card as in the ultimate - card catalog! An Artists in the Archives exhibit that I went to a week ago. It is traveling through the libraries here - was at the Greenburgh Library in Westchester, NY and is currently at the Chappaqua Library. Well worth a visit to Chappaqua or wherever it travels to next. Sifting through the cards in a card catalog brings back a nostalgia for the way libraries once were (now all searches done on computer) but add to that the surprise of a great assortment of art and writing by a great variety of artists and writers...just great.


GretchenJoanna said...

How intriguing! This explains your last post, too. :-)

I searched to find a schedule for the exhibit, but can't find one....it doesn't seem that it is out west anyway.

Susan Moorhead said...


The above is a (hopefully working) link from the New York Times about the artists and the exhibit. I don't think it goes beyond New York unfortunately.