October 14, 2013

In lieu of Sunday Quote ...Comic Con!

Yes, that is a poodle in the stroller. Sunday was family day at the four days of chaos and silliness known as Comic Con. There is an artist gallery where artists of comics and graphic novels and sci fi everything sign their books - was very tempted by mermaid art at this table, beautiful work. The family that plays together...awesome Viking family. I love how everyone loves to pose. So much thought goes into a lot of the costumes. can you believe those are made out of lego things? Can you believe that is her real hair? We had plans to go to panels - missed the storytelling one by sleeping in too late. Missed the author I wanted to see by forgetting to check my phone reminder to go see him. Had on my list to see the cast from Sleepy Hollow, to see a Q and A with none other but William Shatner (Captain Kirk!), and to see the X-files original duo. We made it to Sleepy Hollow. Have never done a panel before. Huge lines, huge crowd, still fun to be a fan (really love the show) and to see a preview that will play in November, to hear the cast kid about. I don't usually go in for this sort of thing (fan thing, not the show. Love Haven, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow sort of wildly imaginative shows) but it was a hoot. Adore this shot and we left to hoof it on back to the train station, hordes of costumed people walking up the streets by us (no, we did not wear costumes but we do enjoy the creative efforts of those who do!). Loved this Elmo ordering a hot dog about a half mile away from Comic Con. It's NYC, the man selling him dinner probably didn't even blink.


Anonymous said...

hi susan - couldn't find your e-mail address but I tracked down your blog....here is the link I mentioned to you last week about PIBOIDMO..."Picture Book Idea Month" ...http://taralazar.com/
I hope you do it - I am!
Jacki (jackimorris@optonline.net)
ps -loving your poems!!!

Susan Moorhead said...

Thank you! For the link and the for reading my poems both!