September 23, 2012

Sunday Quote

A soft breeze, scented with honey and cinnamon, wafted them on their way. The pirates saw hillsides of flowers that rose up fluttering in the air as the ship passed, and that turned out to be butterflies after all. They saw forests of blossoming trees darting with hummingbirds. Strange blue seaweeds washed out from the rocks as the sea breathed, and in and out of it played little schools of gold and silver fish.

"Really, Captain," said Winkle, tottering to the side and peering over with great interest. "Looking at them little fishes you'd swear Humbert Cash-Cash hisself had been emptying his money box into the sea."

"No poetry from cabin boys!" said Captain Wafer sternly, but he couldn't help being moved by the old man's imagination.

- Margaret Mahy, The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage.

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