September 13, 2012

Farmer's Market full out glory

They know how to do a lot of things very well in Vermont: swimming holes and impossibly fresh smelling air unless it is smelling like hay, a good smell, and cows, sometimes a good smell.  Add to that mountain views, a splendor of trees summer green and autumn blazing, maple everything, and of course, Saturday farmer's market - this one in Waitsfield, we plan our week up there around it, the hopes of a Saturday full of fun and music, dogs saying hey, art en plein air viewing, and those onions and that red red truck.  Wow.  We went to another one in the middle of the week, I think we were in Waterbury but can't swear to it, where to our surprise amid all the veggies and crafts for sale, a Greek woman had a stand where she was selling the most delicious looking Greek food (a favorite here).  A woman was loading up a cooler with her goodies, said she went every week and stocked up!  We believed her after buying what would be both lunch and dinner of spinach pies and veggie stew and grape leaved something and son had greek lasagna too, sweeter than what we are used to but entirely delicious.  Ah, we love Vermont.


Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

I am already worried about the end of fresh veggies. I've been enjoying them so much.

Susan Moorhead said...

Back to steam in the bag in the frozen aisle, I'm afraid.