March 8, 2012

New Writing and Three Hearts

A poem and a short story of mine appearing in the Spring issue of
The Whirlwind Review, your link here. Two stone hearts and one tree bark heart from my walk yesterday where the pedometer logged in (eventually by the day's end) 10,000 steps plus and I realized it takes a lot of steps to add up to 10m. A lot.


Kara said...

I love those hearts! Congrats on your published words. And, I have done the step thing before and you are so right...lots of steps indeed...I probably should start doing it again it's very motivating.

Susan said...

Thanks! It is gratifying to see the little numbers add up :)

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

I always keep an eye out for hearts :).

10,000 is a lot especially if you have a long stride.

Susan said...

Long legs, long stride. I have gone down to aiming for about 8m, more than that and I was toast all evening.