December 15, 2010

Horses for Hire and homes for gnomes...

...or fairies. In my crafty days I would have been constructing these little magical tree trunk home charmers in a New York minute. Found at the Westport, Ct Anthropologie - and while I tend to like all those stores, the Westport store is Mecca, whoever designs that store has the best eye for detail, whimsy, and inspiration. Salad and divine cream of Mushroom soup at the Firehouse Deli added to the fun day a weekend or so ago. Across from the FD, in the parking lot men from Allegra Farm (they gave me their card and mentioned they were available for hire for special events and so forth- note the nifty website) were setting up a covered wagon of sorts - and the horses had a furry rugged very appealing look to them - the men said the horses were's a little info on them.

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